Friday, September 2, 2011

And the Winner is....

....Hope's Mama! And in my excitement yesterday I may have accidentally asked her to box up her head and send it to me so I could check the fit on her hat.

But really, I promise that I'm exactly who I say I am and not a sadistic, serial-killer/knitter.

Thank you all for participating and for your comments. Even about guys who drop the kids off on the running trail instead of at the pool (m, I may knit you a blindfold...or maybe some adult-diapers for the needy...can't decide). This was exactly what I needed to kiss August good-bye for another year. I should do this sort of thing more frequently.

Since there are only 7 of you and your comments were so awesome, I feel like I should knit for everyone but I think my husband might catch on that I'm neglecting the quilt I promised him when we got engaged...12 years ago. Oh, the challenges of small-time bloggery!

Happy weekend, all! Take care.


  1. Just to be clear, by 'awesome' I meant 'supportive and understanding. I do not find your challenges entertaining in any way. What I really meant was 'thank you for putting up with my ridiculous dog story and for playing along.'. There, that's better.